• Asterisk HW


    We supply hardware for Asterisk manufacturers Digium, Sangoma, OpenVox, ATCOM.
    We provide sales, consulting and service of our products.

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    Create and sell QueueStats - Asterisk Call Center Monitor solution for contact and call centers.
    We supply the Slovak language extension for Asterisk as well as other accessories

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    Telephone & conference equipment

    We supply a wide range of VoIP phones and audio and videoconferencing equipment.

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We provide design, supply, design and installation of communication systems Asterisk, Dialog, Eastix, Trixbox, QueueStats, QueueMetrics.
We provide planning and design, implementation, and support open source telecommunication projects.
We have over 15 years experience in CTI applications and design communication solutions.
We are supplier for computer telephony hardware manufacturers Dialogic, Sangoma, OpenVox, ATCOM, Digium.
We provide sales, consulting and service of our products.